Our Timber Sources

The Kaingaroa Forest, in the Bay of Plenty - New Zealand

Much of Abodo’s Radiata Pine and Douglas fir is sourced from the Kaingaroa region, in New Zealand’s central North Island.

The Kaingaroa forest, is one of the largest man made plantation forests in the southern hemisphere.

Today the Kaingaroa Forest is managed by Timberlands, a global forest manager, on behalf of investors. It is a world class forest, which is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified.

Wood fibre from the Kaingaroa region is prized for its medium density, and high consistency.

The colder central plateau provides an excellent growing platform for Douglas fir, a slower grown species that prefers colder temperatures.

A unique feature of the Kaingaroa forest is that it is a habitat for the Karearea, New Zealand’s native endangered falcon.

Having evolved in a largely forested landscape, the Karearea has developed a body shape that optimises its ability to hunt in this environment.

Our most threatened bird of prey, it is one of only four forest falcons out of a total of 38 species of falcons worldwide.

Hawkes Bay Region - New Zealand

In New Zealand’s eastern North Island the Hawke's Bay region is home to a high quality pruned Radiata Pine resource.

The largest forest owner, and one of Abodo’s key partners is Pan Pac, a world class forestry sawmilling and pulp operator, owned by Oji Paper of Japan.

This forest region is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified.

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