Abodo + Better Builder Podcast Team Up

Abodo and Better Builder Podcast team up, to help tell more compelling stories, and uplift and empower builders.

When Better Builder launched in March this year, Abodo quickly recognised the need for these genuine conversations for the industry, and were happy to become the podcast’s Content Partner to support the Better Builder team in sharing even more great stories.

Available on streaming services, social media and YouTube, Better Builder features one-on-one discussions between successful builders and creator/host Brad Visser, covering all facets of life for building professionals, from business management to mental health.

Since its launch, Better Builder has seen huge engagement, receiving over 1.4 million views so far.

For Brad, a successful construction business owner in his own right, the popularity of the podcast shows how needed it was in the industry.

“Our biggest takeaway has been that there aren't a lot of outlets for builders with content for them specifically. Our ethos is to make builders the hero, which doesn’t happen often in our industry,” he says.

“That’s the aim with everything we do, whether it's telling their story or showcasing their awesome work, and then it’s also about making sure other younger builders coming through don't feel alone. It’s important to know there are other people out there who are going through the same struggles.”

Brad says that for builders, those struggles are often unspoken and hard work can feel thankless, with a constant barrage of phone calls and problems to solve. Bringing these issues into the spotlight can help those who feel the challenges to have a sense of inspiration and recognition.

“Ultimately, we’re about celebrating builders and helping them with running their businesses. But, we've also realised that it's ‘better builder’, and while the ‘builder’ aspect is important, the ‘better’ part is important too. So, we’re looking at ways we can help builders beyond construction, to better themselves and to help builders become better humans, better men and women, better fathers and mothers, with better mental health. All these elements need to work together.” continues Brad.

At Abodo, we keenly recognise the struggle many builders face, especially in New Zealand where there is a tendency to put on a stoic face. The alignment we saw between Brad’s mission and our own ethos as a family owned business drew us to become the podcast Content Partner.

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