INTRODUCING / Abodo’s New Belgium Architectural Partner

Abodo are pleased to announce the appointment of Stevens & Co as an architectural cladding distribution partner in Belgium.

The Antwerp wood importer Stevens & Co is a family business with a long history, dating back to 1936. Today the fourth generation is at the helm sourcing quality softwood and innovative products like Abodo Vulcan timber.

"At Stevens & Co, we continuously raise our quality standards. Abodo fits perfectly into this picture. With 20+ years of experience in Radiata Pine, this family business has earned its stripes. Their product is top-notch." Ann Stevens, CEO, Stevens & Co.

As the exclusive new Belgian Abodo partner for cladding and architectural finishing, Stevens & Co are proud to add Abodo timber into their offering.

"It's great that we have found a like-minded partner in Belgium with a strong sense of sustainability and design thinking. I look forward to seeing Abodo grow with Stevens & Co" says Daniel Gudsell, Abodo Founder and Managing Director.

Read more about Stevens & Co here or contact us to find out more.

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