Protector Coating Abodo Wood


Abodo Protector is a water borne, penetrating timber finish that will nourish and protect external timbers. Designed specifically for use on Abodo timbers.

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Protector Coating Abodo Wood

Protector - End Seal

Abodo Protector - End Seal is a high solids water-based wax for the sealing of timber end grains.

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Rejuvenator abodo wood

Rejuvenator - Wood Cleaner

Rejuvenator Wood Cleaner is a preparation cleaner for use prior to application of coatings.

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Abodo Wood sioox

Sioo:x Wood Coating

Sioo:x uses nature to form a silicon based shell on exterior timber, which weathers to a beautiful silver grey and provides a long term weathered look without leaving your wood unprotected.

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Cladding Screw Abodo Wood

Cladding Screw

A high performance stainless steel cladding screw designed for easy driving into Abodo Cladding.

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Decking Screw Abodo Wood

Decking Screw

Abodo's Decking Screw is the latest design in exterior wood screw technology, allowing easy fixing, superior hold and maximum durability.

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End Caps Abodo Wood

End Caps

Abodo End Caps are designed for the long-term protection of exterior timber end grains.

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Rhombus Clip Abodo Wood

Rhombus Clip

Specifically designed to be used with Rhombus Clip Screening, the Rhombus Clip provides a hidden fixing for decorative screening.

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