Little Alpha House - Wanaka, New Zealand

This Wanaka home uses Abodo eco-timbers in two finishes, each of which achieves a different look and feel.

Project details

Pete Barham, Open Architecture
Christie Brothers Builders
Vulcan Cladding (WB12F Profile) in Sioo:x Wood Coating
Vulcan Panelling (V-Groove TG9 175x10), Brushed Finish in Dulux Weathershield Maxiflex
Photography credit
Simon Larkin
Completion date
Mid 2021
Wanaka, New Zealand

With Abodo Vulcan Cladding in Sioo:x coating on the exterior and Vulcan Panelling with the newly released brushed finish for internal feature walls, this modern, family home in Wanaka is an excellent example of the distinct aesthetics that can be achieved with Abodo products.

For the owners of this Wanaka home, capitalising on a north-facing site with 180-degree mountain and lake views was paramount - and they also wanted to ensure the house fitted with the alpine environment.

Local Wanaka construction firm Christie Brothers Builders took on the build of the project, elevating the house and setting it back on the site, with a floor plan that flowed through the house to the outdoors to maximise enjoyment of the views.

Exterior cladding

To achieve a coherent look and feel with the Otago landscape, Christie Brothers opted to use Vulcan timber cladding in a Fineline WB12F profile on the exterior. Treated with the Sioo:x coating, this cladding will silver off over time, merging with the surrounding hills and contrasting against the Colorsteel FlaxPod roofing.

Sioo:x’s natural formula means the desired weathered look is accelerated, and the cladding does not require substantial maintenance as it is protected by a silicon-based shell. Unlike if you were to leave timber to weather naturally, it is protected from warping and the silvering effect will occur without unsightly patchiness. For this home, it creates a warm, nordic look that is in keeping with the alpine surroundings.

Interior feature walls

Feature walls in key areas of the interior - such as the hallway, including ceilings, and the kitchen bulkhead - are clad in Vulcan Panelling with a V-Groove TG9 - 175x10 profile, coated in Dulux Weathershield Maxiflex in matte black for a durable, family-friendly finish.

This panelling makes use of the newly released brushed finish, which gives a textured, weathered look to the timber, not unlike that achieved by natural processes over time.

This effect is created using a state-of-the-art machine, which scours softer timber away from harder timber with abrasive brushes, leaving behind a grained look, which gives a contemporary aesthetic when combined with a pigmented coating such as this one.

Little Alpha house Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood 2

This panelling makes use of the new brushed finish, which gives a textured, weathered look to the timber.

Creating cohesion

Matt Christie says they chose New Zealand grown Abodo timbers as a point of difference to the commonly used, imported cedar. “We loved the look of the aged weathering (Sioo:x), and the opportunity to use a similar product within the interior of the home, but with a mood change.

This exterior to interior flow of the product was a big drawcard for us in choosing it,” he says. “From a builder's perspective, we also appreciated the fact that Abodo is thermally treated which creates a true timber form to work with. The Abodo cladding was a particularly efficient product to install.”

The resulting home provides a key example of how these two different Abodo finishes can create contrasting, yet cohesive aesthetics. As they emanate nature, the claddings work in well with the surrounding landscape, which in this case, is difficult to beat.


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