7 Reasons to Choose Abodo's Vulcan Decking

Choosing the right decking material for your build can be difficult. Here are seven great reasons to consider Abodo timber decking.

  1. Environmentally friendly - manufactured from rapidly renewable, FSC® certified plantation forests.

  2. Virtually knot free and has a Durability Class 1 Rating.

  3. Thermal treatment means no chemicals used and full through board treatment meaning no need to re-treat when cut or round fixings.

  1. Can be used with most fixings without reaction, although for best results and long life we do recommend the use of stainless steel fixings

  2. Excellent machining qualities - the golden/chocolate brown finish ensures good uniformity of colour and smooth surface underfoot.

  3. Improved thermal conductivity by 20%+ over normal pine.

  4. Abodo timbers are cheaper in price than most alternative knot-free timber options.

Just checking you’re heading to the right place

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