Alternatives to Paint Finish Cedar Weatherboards

Due to the inherent instability of pine weatherboards, Western Red Cedar is often used in a paint finish application.

Cedar’s natural stability and light weight makes it a great substrate for cladding, but due to the natural extractives in the timber, care needs to be taken when painting it.

Resins and tannin can bleed through painted Cedar, particularly when water based primers are used – this creates unsightly stains on the painted cladding.

There are however, some new generation alternatives to Cedar in paint finish applications, with excellent performance.

Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding is now available in a primed finish. Vulcan’s natural durability and superior stability makes it perfect for paint finish applications, even with very dark colours.

Abodo, together with partner Resene Paints have performed extensive testing on Vulcan Cladding with paint finish, and found it to be stable even with black paint.

Resene has published a paint specification for Vulcan Cladding, which should be followed when painting Vulcan Cladding.

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