Does Thermally Modified Wood Fade?

Here's what you need to know to maintain the appearance of your thermally modified wood.

Thermally modified wood (sometimes known as Thermowood) is a beautiful rich brown colour, and this is often seen as a key feature.

However, in exterior applications, thermally modified timbers will age to a silver patina if left uncoated and exposed to ultra violet rays.

While there is not a exterior natural timber that won’t fade on exposure to UV, thermally modified timbers seem to fade more quickly than other species.

This weathering, or “silvering” can be reduced by the application of a quality exterior coating, such as Abodo’s Protector Coating. By choosing a natural brown pigment such as Teak or Walnut, the natural brown colour can be maintained over time.

Alternatively the silvering can be embraced, with a grey/white wood coating such as Protector Oil Patina, or Sioo:x Wood Coating.

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