Project Revisit: Raglan Sleepout

After 8-9 years in harsh conditions we find Vulcan Cladding endures with one recoat of advanced Protector coating technology.

Positioned on an exposed coastal site, we revisit Raglan Sleepout to find the horizontal Vulcan Cladding timber to be very durable, having experienced minimal movement withstanding harsh New Zealand West Coast conditions since it was first built in 2013/2014.

In that time only one recoat of Protector coating has been applied to the holiday beach house.

Wood coatings are typically produced to work over a broad range of timbers, rather than work very well with specific timbers. At Abodo, we've developed a tested system of wood finishes that are designed to work synergistically with our timbers, ensuring high performance and simple maintenance.

Initially Raglan Sleepout’s Vulcan Cladding was finished in our original oil based Protector - Manuka, which sat on the surface of the timber and darkened in colour with exposure to the weather.

Today our Protector coating uses the latest in water borne oil technology combining refined plant oils, UV protection and advanced water barrier composition. It is a non film-forming coating that penetrates the timber to really nourish and protect external timbers too, as evidenced at the Raglan Sleepout.

What we also see when revisiting this project is how the recoat of water borne Protector has weathered evenly as it is designed to do, with the added advantage of being a low VOC formulation, better for people and the environment - an important consideration for the owners with children staying there.

Recreate the ‘before’ newly completed look by installing Vulcan Cladding uncoated and apply 2 coats of water borne Protector - Manuka that will hold its colour and weather evenly, as opposed to darkening like before. Or to recreate the darker ‘after’ look, choose Vulcan Cladding in Protector - Walnut.

Raglan Sleep Out Vulcan Cladding Sand Decking Abodo Wood 4

Before and after: how Vulcan Cladding has endured in harsh coastal conditions

Raglan Sleepout Project Revisit Vulcan Cladding Close Up

Close ups of Vulcan Cladding with one recoat of water borne Protector coating reveal how the timber has been protected over eight years

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