Solid Timber Battens That Can Span over 3 Metres

These timber battens achieve a clear span of 3 metres thanks to Vulcan timbers extraordinary stability.

Inherently timber moves a lot, and we’ve traditionally been limited to either using aluminum (which leaves a heavy environmental footprint), or a hardwood which requires regular bracing and as a side effect often negatively skewing the original design.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a range of timbers emerge on the market which have been changed either through treatment or using intense heat creating changes to the cellular structure resulting in greater stability and higher durability.

Care needs to be taken because not all of these are suited for every application and geography. Our thermally modified Vulcan timber has been used in Australia and New Zealand for over 12 years, and it’s stability and durability tested by many leading architects.

Vulcan Screening is a range of battens and beams created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation pine and then engineered, resulting in extraordinary stability, no resin leaching, and is naturally durable. A fine sawn face allows a depth of grain, and optimal coating performance.

Builders appreciate that Vulcan Screening is easier and faster to work with, has negligible movement (even in dark colours) and is available in long lengths and large sizes.

Spanning nearly 3 metres, these 115x42mm battens introduce a natural connection to the urban fabric. By Peddlethorpe.

These 180x42 sections spanning 2.4 metres serve two purposes; sun shading, but also to bring a warmth and tactility to the structure at a level where people will engage with it directly.

These 140x40 Vulcan timber beams create a striking skin to the new Johnsonville community hub. By Athfield Architects.

Visitors to the Johnsonville Library are greeted by these 700x88mm x 6m high entrance columns CNC routered by Makers of Architecture, in a design by celebrated artist Matthew Mcintyre-Wilson.

Nelson New Zealand has the highest number of sunshine hours so these 138x42 (spanning up to 2.7m) act as both privacy screens and sun shading.

Two years later these 88x42 timber battens spanning nearly 3.5 metres are still straight and true. By Tennent Brown.

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