The Best Timber for Sioo:x Natural Wood Coating - According to Science
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The Best Timber for Sioo:x Natural Wood Coating - According to Science

Due to its reactionary nature, it’s important that Sioo:x is applied to a timber that allows for optimal curing.

You can minimise your risk by having proof that a timber coating works on a certain timber. Our Vulcan timber with Sioo:x coating has been lab tested, as well as in real life in a variety of climates.

The vast majority of timber coatings eventually dissipate over time, requiring the owner to maintain their external timber on a regular basis - Sioo:x has changed that.

Developed in Sweden, Sioo:x is a two part treatment which reacts to atmospheric moisture and carbon dioxide, which leads to a curing process making the Sioo:x a permanent part of the timber’s cellular structure.

More on Sioo:x

Sioo:x can be applied to a wide variety of timbers, including certain Australian hardwoods, however because it’s a reactive treatment, each timber species will have varying results.

Optimal conditions for Sioo:x to perform at it’s best are timbers which have the following properties: Low moving Medium density Low tannin bleed Band sawn or textured surface

Testing on hardwoods has been limited until now, and application of Sioo:x should be approached with caution.

Since 2015 Abodo has been working closely with the Swedish developers, conducting intensive research and testing on our Vulcan timber. According to the developers of Sioo:x “Vulcan timber is a thermally modified softwood that is durable and with low movement. These are key aspects to maximise the performance of our Sioo:x wood protection system.”

The Sioo:x developers continue “Furthermore, the medium density of Vulcan timber combined with it’s textured sawn face means that our reactive wood protection can penetrate well into the timber and react with it to create the best possible performance.”

Over the last six years, we’ve completed a range of projects in a wide variety of climate types.

Almost on the sand, after five years and no maintenance, these battens are performing exactly as expected. More on this project

Experiencing some of the harshest UV rays in the world, the Abodo Cardrona Cabin was designed as the ultimate test in durability. More on this project

Located within 100m of the shoreline, this Sunshine Coast duplex used our Vulcan timber with Sioo:x as large timber sections and cladding. More on this project

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