The Importance of End Sealing Timber Cladding in External Applications
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The Importance of End Sealing Decking and Cladding in Exterior Applications

Too often the first place of failure in wood decking or wood cladding applications is the exposed end.

Fungal decay requires moisture to develop, and the end grain of wood absorbs moisture at up to 100 times the rate of absorption of the face of wood.

This means that on average, the end grain retains more moisture than other parts of the wood, and is more likely to decay first. This phenomenon affects both treated timbers, and naturally durable species. Even “Class 1″ durability species such as Kwila/Merbau, Garapa and Vitex are affected by this problem.

It is critical therefore, that the cut ends of wood are sealed prior to application with an end sealant.

Any cutting of timber, whether from sawing, shaping or planning has the potential to exposure the end grain and allow the uptake of moisture. This particularly relevant for timber decking, but also for timber cladding or weatherboards.

End sealants are available as a wax based water repellent, designed to block moisture ingress, or as a chemical preservative, intended to protect the wood from fungal development.

Contact the team at Abodo to discuss your project and the appropriate end sealant.

With no adequate room allowed for drainage and no quality end sealer applied, this cladding will quickly succumb to decay.



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