The Timber Shingle Renaissance

With a world craving authentic, natural materials it should be no surprise that traditional timber shingles are making a comeback.

Timber shingles are increasingly being specified by designers in a modern form, which brings out the natural variability of wood.

Wood shingles are surprisingly resistant to higher winds, and therefore becoming popular in more modern forms of buildings, particularly in cladding applications.

Timber shingles are also energy efficient, especially when made from Abodo’s Vulcan timber - which has around 20% better thermal performance than standard pine.

While timber shingles have been used in New Zealand for over 200 years, there is little documentation on their use in the New Zealand Building Code.

BRANZ has recently issued the BRANZ Bulletin 648 - Timber Shingles and Shakes, a document outlining the selection, design and installation of timber shingle and shake roofing for New Zealand conditions.

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