Timber Clad Roofs - Simplicity Defined

Timber clad roofs provide the quintessential alpine aesthetic.

Natural wood is an ancient material that creates a relaxed ambience, and is increasingly being used as a cladding material.

Some designers are extending this design ethos by cladding the roof in addition to the walls.

Creating a seamless timber clad structure and roof is deceptively complex. Not only does a multi layer roof system need to be designed, but a wall cladding structure than conceals gutters and downpipes needs consideration.

Detailing, along with choice of wood, is critical. Timber for roof applications must be dimensionally stable, as a pitched roof will collect more ultra violet rays than in a vertical application.

Selecting durable timbers with a vertical grain orientation is a suggestion, as “quarter sawn” or vertical grain timbers are proven to be more stable in highly exposed applications. Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding is one such timber.

In one form, a timber clad roof consists of a fully watertight membrane applied to a plywood clad roof, with timber battens installed over insulation and castellated timber batten.

Some typical detail for a timber cladding roof can be found here, with a timber board fixed to batten, over a membrane clad plywood roof.

See this article for more information from reSAWN TIMBER co, our partner in the US for this type of application.

See more images of the Cardrona Cabin here.

Cardrona Cabin Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 11

Photography credit Cardrona Cabin: Chris Lea

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