Timber Recessed Windows Becoming Increasingly Popular

Recessed windows are becoming increasingly popular in the New Zealand construction landscape.

The New Zealand Building Code E2/AS1 acceptable solution requires window and door frames to be positioned on the exterior of the cladding.

While a proven solution for weather tightness, this construction method, when combined with conductive joinery materials such as aluminium, can lead to thermal bridging to the inside of the building envelope resulting in a significant decrease in thermal performance of the overall wall system.

New systems like Eurotect are available to achieve recessed windows with Abodo’s vertical and horizontal shiplap timber cladding.

The system is comprised of a set of aluminium flashings that link together with moulded connection parts to form a deep window recess. The Eurotect system enables aluminium, timber and uPVC windows to be recessed into the framing line from the outer façade, providing a natural deep window recess.

This clever solution achieves a clean and contemporary look for buildings and improves thermal and weather-tightness performance – particularly relevant in colder environments.

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