Weathered Timber: Sioo:x vs Protector - Patina

We've tested two unique timber coatings for external applications, both allow even weathering.

Houses with that picture-perfect naturally silvered timber cladding are everywhere in Europe - but how do they achieve it?

Here in New Zealand we’ve been using clear oil and ‘letting it weather’, relying on direct sunlight to oxidise the surface to create that patina aesthetic.

However this only works successfully where direct sun can reach all sections of the cladding otherwise projects are left with patchy facades where some sections have silvered and others haven’t.

At Abodo we’ve taken things to the next level and tested two new approaches that work on our Vulcan timber; Sioo:x Wood Protection,, and Protector Coating in colour ‘Patina’.

Sioo:x Wood Coating

Sioo:x cures by reacting with atmospheric carbon dioxide and moisture to form an insoluble and flexible silica network within the timber surface. The formation of this silica network toughens the surface of the timber and forms an effective barrier against insect attack and rot.

Because of the toughened surface, Sioo:x becomes a low maintenance finish, allowing up to seven years before a recoat is required.

In addition to the protective benefits gained, as the mineral silicate cures over time it will start to turn the timber a beautifully even silver / greyish tone starting from 10-16 weeks (depending on the timber species the weathering period may vary). The benefit to property owners is a beautiful and even silvered look across all sections of the cladding.

For clients wishing to have an outside to inside transition of their timber, Sioo:x may not be the best solution for two reasons; the timber being used internally will need to be preweathered onsite prior to installation, and if it’s a high traffic area (or if there are children) the Sioo:x could rub off leaving a patchy appearance on the timber with no easy fix. Read more about Sioo:x here.

The Sioo:x curing process means even covered areas (as shown) will turn silver.

Abodo Protector Coating - In Patina

Protector is a penetrating timber coating especially developed by Abodo for Vulcan to nourish and protect the timber in exterior timber applications.

‘Patina’ is one of six available colours for in the Abodo Protector coating range, and is in a light grey tone.

Using the latest in waterborne technology for superior exterior performance combining refined plant oils, UV protection and natural fungicides in an advanced water carrier composition.

For clients wanting; a silvered finish from the start, a near perfect weathered timber, low maintenance, and a finish which can also be transitioned to interiors - Protector ‘Patina’ is a good option.

It should be noted that although timber goes a beautiful silver, and with the Protector ‘Patina’ and requires a lot less upkeep, it is a natural hygroscopic material and will still require maintenance (read more here).

Each project is different and therefore the amount of maintenance required will vary, however some of the projects shown above haven’t been maintained in four years highlighting the possibilities.

It should also be noted that although Protector ‘Patina’ helps to maintain the timber, it doesn’t develop the superior barrier protection as Sioo:x as described above, and will therefore require more regular maintenance.

Maintenance may typically be every three to five years, however this varies from project to project.

Abodo's Protector coating is a plant-based finish developed to be grey from the start, allowing a more seamless transition to ‘weathered’.

This Queensland project used the Protector in Patina on Vulcan timber, and despite the large overhangs the timber is still an even silver.

Located on Bribie Island Queensland, this project used the Protector ‘Patina’ on the facades and covered entryways.

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