Semi Bold – Bondi, Australia
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Semi Bold – Bondi, Australia

Abodo Vulcan Cladding with a Nero coating complements the existing rendered masonry for this re-imagined semi in Bondi.

A dynamic redesign and well considered extension brings light and space to this Bondi property, with Abodo’s Vulcan timber cladding in Protector - Nero chosen to elevate the drama of the existing rendered walls while also providing a degree of complementary contrast to the home’s exterior.

Letting light into internal spaces is a common problem for semi detached homes - as is providing enough space for modern families. This Bondi semi suffered from both, prompting its owners to engage architects LiteraTrotta Architecture, who redesigned the interior to bring a suite of new rooms in the form of an extension upstairs, with downstairs transformed by some cleverly positioned openings.

Particular attention was paid to bringing light into the entry foyer, a feat achieved through the ingenious insertion of a double height window and skylight above, which fundamentally splits the home along this axis, creating a lightwell. Previously dark and uninviting, the entry foyer is now a bright conduit to modern life, flowing upstairs via a curvaceous new staircase and connecting smoothly with the reconfigured lower level rooms.

Upstairs, the family is amply housed in a series of spacious and high ceilinged bedrooms, with adjoining bathrooms, wardrobes, and a balcony overlooking the garden and pool. While the interior spaces are kept minimal, with a palette of white walls, carpeted bedrooms and timber floorboards below, the exterior of the home required a considered touch to ensure cohesion between old and new.

To match with the dark Monument rendered masonry, the architects chose Abodo Vulcan timber cladding in a richly dark Nero stain. With the texture of the timber visible, the pairing of the two claddings is both complementary as well as having a degree of contrast. “The warmth and texture of the timber was distinct against the bottom level but tied in with and accentuated the moody presence of the existing house,” adds architect Bronwyn Litera of LiteraTrotta Architecture.

For the contractors, Abodo Vulcan was easy and quick to install. “It came precoated and, because of the set lengths, we had a much faster installation time. With a native hardwood, it can chip at the saw blades, but we never had any issues with the Vulcan,” says Toki Construction.

Now with room to grow, both the homeowners and the home are given a new lease on life with this cleverly designed and subtly sleek redesign.

Project Details
Completion date:
September 2022
LiteraTrotta Architecture
Toki Construction
Vulcan Cladding (WB12 180x20) in Protector – Nero (three coats)
Bondi, NSW, Australia
Photography credits:
Tom Ferguson


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Timber: Vulcan Cladding

Type: Rusticated 90x20MM

Lineal Meters:


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Fixings - Pieces:


Oil - Litres (second coat to front face installed):


Oil - Litres (one coat all sides + two coats face):


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